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An all purpose PTFE thread sealing compound that produces leakproof seals on threaded connections. Lubricates, seals and protects threads in an extensive variety of plumbing, heating and oil field threaded pipe connections over a wide range of services, temperatures and pressures. Will not dry out, stain, harden or separate. Non-toxic. Will not destroy the seals of valves or faucets. Wipes clean from hands easily. Use on all metal, plastic, ABS, PVC, fiberglass, CPVC, and nylon threads. NSF Certified. Temperature Ranges: -45°C to +204°C Pressure Ranges: Gases to 3,000 PSI & Liquids to 8,000 PSI

Installation kit

An installation kit is needed for proper installation on your vehicle


Brand:Fairview Fittings
Manufacturer Part #:TTS-4