U-Guard® • FL-1405BK1 • 3D MAXpider • Kagu Floor Liners • Black • 1st Row

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Supreme all-weather protection to keep your cabin clean and pristine
Innovative three-layer structure engineered to protect the interior of your vehicle with style, safety, and comfort in your daily ride. Rain or shine, keeps dirt, water and coffee spills off your cabin.

Safety bottom for unmatched anti-skid performance and peace of mind for your factory carpets
The patented MAXpider bottom layer keeps mats in place without leaving marks like nibs of traditional rubber floor mats and keep dirt away.

Tailored for a perfect contoured fit to the interior of your vehicle
Three-dimensional designs measured to exact cabin contours of your vehicles with raised edges that give maximum coverage and protection to vehicle interior; Waterproof; effectively contain mess and spills.

Three truly distinctive carbon fiber texture styles to match your interior best
Surface layer made of Thermoplastic Rubber of carbon fiber texture to complement your vehicle’s interior in the style you desired.

XPE foaming inner layer blocks out sound and vibration from the floor
The innovative XPE inner layer minimizes foot fatigue and provides the sound barrier for a quieter, more comfortable ride; yet the material is non-toxic and odorless. This layer is made from high-density XPE foam known for its ability to withstand heat and water, while its semi-rigid properties provide high-quality of shock and sound insulation.

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