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D&W SA-HOSE-15-ASY - Exterior Shower Hose and Sprayer

by D&W
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The Spray-Port is an auxiliary hook-up without storage.

It is small and simple, it measures only 4 inches deep and requires only a 2-3/4 inch round installation hole.
The Spray-Port can also be utilized, with or without a cover, in baggage compartments and/or under the hood of large motorized RVs.
For maximum versatility, place a Spray-Away storage unit on one side of the RV and a Spray-Port hook-up on the other side.

It has a high quality 15, 3/8 inch polyurethane coil hose for Spray-Port with Brass insert to fit Spray Port Quick Connector.

The 15 foot, light weight, UV resistant hose, re-coils to just 12 feet, and comes with pistol grip sprayer.

Installation kit

An installation kit is needed for proper installation on your vehicle


Manufacturer Part #:SA-HOSE-15-ASY
Dimensions:3/8" X 15'